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well i live in Perth Australia and since GAME went bankrupt i get my games from jbhifi and ebgames anway ebgames are having a big sale right now and i grabbed 6 games one of which was max payne 3 which has been out for 2 months now i like my games sealed otherwise it aint brand new as soon as it comes out of the factory seal its used so as usual when I'm getting served i ask do you have any sealed copies the manager was serving me she replied we might when we have a massive sale like this we usually open up every single game she then went on to explain that sometimes they get games from the manufacturer that arnt even sealed what a crock of *** why would a manufacturer not seal a brand new game now i have talked to numerous people that have worked for ebgames and they get to take new games home to play also they cotton slips they put the game discs in scratch the games as well one of the games i just bought was capcom classics collection in 2008 i bought a copy of dead or alive 4 from them they have the exact same mark on the disc because of those cotton slips as soon as jbhifi opened up in my area i started shopping their because all their games are sealed i buy probably 90% of my games from jbhifi outta all the games i have bought from them only 3 haven't been sealed its actions like this that cause people to import and ebgames will likely not change their ways and they wonder why more and more people are starting to import games.

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